As someone who thinks a lot about futurity, I was drawn to works that consider or ideate progressive alternatives to current social, political, technological, ecological and historical conditions. Spanning a variety of media and modalities including video, design, photography, installation and drawing, the ten projects in this selection address the ways we remember, interpret, connect, work, and imagine, illustrating critical resistance to the exclusions and subjugations of neoliberalism. Though necessarily revisionist, these projects also open pathways that optimistically envision possibilities for the future, keenly striving for better ways to connect with each other and our environments. I was compelled by each of these projects to consider my own history and presence, encouraged to actively participate with their propositions of reinvention despite encountering them only two-dimensionally. Though sincere, I also registered amusing conceits or humour in several of these projects in particular; devices I’ve always believed most effective for connecting and collaborating.

Michael Pham

Claire Paul

Max(ine) Booker

Lachlan Bell

Liam Houlihan

Siann Boustead

Nebbi Boii

Anika Campbell

Megan Srisurapon

Isobelle Lowe


James Gatt is a curator based on Gadigal Land (Sydney). He recently curated Elizabeth Pulie’s first career survey exhibition, ‘#117 (Survey)’, 2022 at UNSW Galleries, Sydney, and co-edited the accompanying publication. Gatt is founding editor of the dialogical texts journal Kafay Larday and has previously held directorial roles at Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney, and self-initiated project space Squiggle Space.

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