Margaret Hancock Davis Tour

I have always been drawn to works that have a strong sense of materiality or use objects to explore storytelling, place, meaning and value in our contemporary world. It is the ability of artists to cleverly shift a viewer’s perception in what a material can be, what it can express, and how through reinterpretation and use, a material or object can challenge our notions of the world in which we live that really excites me. The artists, designers and works I have chosen in my curated selection do just that; there is a tactility, a physicality or even a visceral response embedded in these projects. They excite the mystery within me… I want to know more…

Kumiko Delaney

Nic Narapiromkwan

Maya Hendler

Jiaying Qian

Zi Qin

Bonnie Russell

Anna Seymour

Lucy Teague

Natalie Youie

Xiao Yu

Margaret Hancock Davis

Margaret Hancock Davis is a curator, writer, and cultural producer working in the visual arts, crafts, and design sector. Hancock Davis is currently Western Sydney Creative, Curator: Collections and Cultural Programme, at Western Sydney University. Prior to this she was Curatorial Director/Senior Curator at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Tarntanya/Adelaide.

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