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Art School is a time that many of my artist friends have a complex relationship with. They describe the period of study and making as being fraught with self doubt and confusion. They reminisce about romances and wild adventures, about talking long into the night with their peers. They replay the sagely but sometimes obtuse guidance of teachers for many years to come. What they all agree upon is that it is in someways the best of times. They describe a freedom that they didn’t realise they had. As a long term supporter I witness the elements that link them to their time at art school and what they jettison. For my selection I focused on artists and designers that exemplified this beautiful spirit of what art school should be. A playground of thought, a stretch, a dance - an enduring and impactful foundation. It doesn’t have to be perfect and fully formed but it must be urgent and poetic. It must signal a future, a future cloaked in possibility.

Anika Campbell

Elijah El Kahale

Isabel Hesse

Isabella Feek

Liam Houlihan

Michael Pham

Nebbi Boii

Owen Redmond

Tia Madden

Connor Knight

Kaarina Allen

Marcus Lo

Tony Tran

Ash Yang

Liam Black

Sebastian Goldspink

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Sebastian Goldspink is a Sydney-based independent curator. A proud descendent of the Burramattaggal people of Western Sydney, Goldspink has curated exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2022, he curated the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art for the Art Gallery of South Australia entitled ‘Free/State’. Goldspink is currently engaged as Gallery Coordinator for the Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf.