Shivanjani Lal Tour

Materially led, and tactile. The artists and works in my selection drew me to them by their use of materials to share the artists ideas about the world in big, small, critical and urgent ways. I am always drawn by stories, particularly stories that evoke environments, or tell me something I have no knowledge of or can’t access. To me the works by these artists created authentic stories through paint, objects and photo images. They felt familiar even though they were unknown to me. I’m excited to see them develop as they move out of school and into exhibiting more widely. Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment.

Anika Campbell

Bonnie Russel

Charles Levi

Claire Paul

Liam Houlihan

Em Best

Kumiko Delaney

Fiona Macpherson

Isabella Feek

Marcus Lo

Maya Hendler

Nic Narapiromkwan Foo

Nicole Zhang

Shirui Xiao

Sonya Price-Kelly

Shivanjani Lal

Shivanjani Lal is a Fijian-Australian artist and curator. She is a member of the indentured labourer diaspora from the Indian and Pacific oceans which ties her to a long history of familial movement. Lal was the 2020 Georges Mora Fellow, and graduated with distinction from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2021. She is currently a studio artist in the City of Sydney Visual Arts residency program.

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